Botswana Guitar Music - Turning Tradition On Its Head

I'm Not Here To Hunt Rabbits

Turning tradition on its head, we’ve been avid followers of the distinct sound of Botswana Guitar Music from the Kalahari Desert for some time now…
Receiving a positive response from the worldwide music community and beyond, the release of 'I'm Not Here To Hunt Rabbits’ has taken this unique style of overhand, four-stringed guitar playing outside the sphere of YouTube - and introduced the musicians themselves to a wider audience as the discovery of the Botswanan Guitar Music Scene garners fans the world over…

Watch the video that kick started the project

“Here's a style of guitar playing from Botswana that you've probably never seen before”
– OkayAfrica

“The unusual way they play the four-string guitars - reaching their left hand up and over the guitar's neck, instead of from behind and underneath - became apparent from the viral YouTube video phenomenon that prompted the idea of recording this album.”
Five-star review BBC Music Magazine

“The musicians in Botswana, in southwestern Africa, play the guitar – but they turn it into a completely different instrument…. turning the guitar into essentially two instruments.”
- New Sounds

“…magical transformation that the guitar has undergone at the hands of these folk musicians, and the odd style they have brought to bear on the instrument. “

“Nowhere in the world do they play guitar like they do in Botswana.”
-Die Welt (

“a brilliant introduction to a unique style… this is one of the best guitar albums of the year so far.”

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article posted by:Carly Graham, Piranha Arts