Campaign for Diversity and Democracy in Berlin

Campaign for Diversity!

#Diversity! The Berlin event industry is taking a clear stand against right-wing extremism. If you are in Berlin, you may have seen already the first posters of our campaign, which are currently visible all over the city. Behind the initiative is the event industry department of the Berlin Music Commission.

Piranha Arts forms part of this initiative and supports the strong statement for diversity, for a colorful society, and for the resilience of democracy.

Read here the joined statement of the campaign supported by most of Berlins mayor players in the event and music industry:

"Art needs freedom! Through our diverse programs, we represent not only artistic excellence but also firmly commit to democratic values of freedom. We decisively oppose any attempt of racism, antisemitism, religious intolerance, sexism, and homophobia. ..."

Read full statement here.

article posted by:Gideon Elfgen, Piranha Arts