Classical:NEXT 2015 Report Available Now

Cell8ctet by eric van Nieuwland

26 May 2015 - Classical:NEXT 2015 has come to a close, and we would like to thank everybody – more than 1000 people – who attended and made it possible.

The fourth edition of Classical:NEXT drew to a close on Saturday, 23 May after four rewarding days of expo, showcases and conference. With more than 1,000 professionals from 45 countries attending this year, as well as the Canadian opening night and Lebanon, Kosovo, Cyprus and Colombia all being represented for the first time, this edition of Classical:NEXT was the most international ever.

A strong turnout from the live and orchestra sectors coupled with active participation from labels, distributors, promoters, managers, artists and journalists made for a balanced representation of musical sectors while the Live Showcases and Conference highlighted current trends that are driving the classical world.

And if you want ALL of the details, our final press release is available online as well, featuring our summary and wrap-up of the event, along with important facts and figures and more.

Classical:NEXT at a Glance

1000 professionals from 45 countries
600 companies
175 promoters
110 publishers
270 labels and distributors
210 artists
72 performing artists
83 artist managers
70 orchestras
80 international journalists
60 institutions
6 Video Showcases
6 Project Pitches
30 conferences, mentoring sessions and network meetings
72 speakers

article posted by:Paul Bräuer, Piranha Arts