Classical:NEXT 2019 off C:N Presentations and Showcases Announced

Besides the jury-selected Conference Programme and Showcase Festival, our off C:N Presentations and Showcases offer delegates an additional space to present their projects, products or services.

The 2019 edition of Classical:NEXT features four off C:N Presentations and they are:

- How Newzik is Enhancing the Music Production Workflow with representatives of Newzik, Wiener Staatsoper, Universal and the New World Symphony

- Artistic director Rob Overman of music streaming service Stingray Classica presents a session on Streaming Video and Classical Music

- Hear from Opening curators Paola Prestini and Courtenay Casey of National Sawdust, together with Meyer Sound in their presentation Immersive and Experiential

- IMZ Academy director Peter Maniura discusses the links between live events and the digital world with his session "Social Media is Live!"

In addition to the Showcase Festival, Classical:NEXT is excited to announce two off C:N Showcases.

Life-long pioneer and defender of classical music, Portuguese maestro and pianist by training, Rui Massena, has performed in 14 countries with 30 orchestras and now adds Rotterdam and Classical:NEXT to his list.

Also taking to the stage is Trio Zukan, who bring together an unusual combination of instruments: the accordion, percussion and txistu - a fipple flute that became the symbol for the Basque folk revival.

off C:N Showcases will take place in the Eduard Flipse Zaal at 15:30 on 16 and 17 May 2019.

article posted by:Gaurav Narula, Piranha Arts