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Misha Penton
Decible New Music Ensemble
Bastard Assignments


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To best mark the days where we would normally have been able to meet in person for our annual reunion, we figured that no Classical:NEXT Encore Programme would be complete without a few musical interludes for you all to enjoy!

And so, we are very pleased to announce the addition of 3 exciting Showcases to the 3-day Programme! Spanning the US, the UK and Australia, each of the Showcases emerged from the latest Call for Proposals that sought specifically COVID-19-induced innovations. We can't wait to present all that they have in store for you!

The Showcases are available to watch in full on C:N NET throughout the entire Encore Programme from Wednesday to Friday, 26 - 28 May 2021.

Meet the Showcases

(micro)Requiem by Misha Penton
(micro)Requiem is a new micro-opera film by soprano and composer Misha Penton. Misha is a soprano, composer, director, filmmaker, and writer whose projects appear in many forms: live performances, video and audio works, site-specific installations, and writings. For this showcase, Misha re-imagines renewal & rebirth in a miniature 6 movement dream-world of transformations inspired by Mozart’s unfinished Requiem in D minor.

2 Minutes From Home by the Decibel New Music Ensemble
Decibel is a new music ensemble that focuses on the integration of acoustic and electronic instruments in chamber music performance. Founded in Western Australia in 2009, they are world-leading interpreters of graphic notations and pioneer digital score formats for composition and performance.

2 Minutes From Home commissioned 2-minute works from artists the ensemble has worked with in the past, both in Australia and overseas. Each work is presented as a video release showing the ensembles playing their parts in their homes, alongside the score. There is also an accompanying podcast interview with the composer for each release and listeners can follow the music as it is performed and enjoy the wide range of notational approaches composers will bring. The project allowed the ensemble to keep playing, commissioning music and provide support for their community of artists and audiences, allowing them all to make and experience music together, despite being apart.

Lockdown Jams by Bastard Assignments
In March 2020 the UK-based 4-piece experimental music and performance group Bastard Assignments had to abandon 18 months of touring plans and started to meet remotely on video conferencing software in order to continue to produce work. The result of this activity is the Lockdown Jams: short encounters where ideas were tried quickly in the spirit of experimentation. The unpredictable results were of the crisis rather than about it as the group tried to find new ways of working together and making contact.

The first Lockdown Jams commission was Browsing, Idling, Investigating, Dreaming by Alexander Schubert. The four members of Bastard Assignments each operate a different browser window presented together on one screen. Google Maps, Spotify, a text to speech application and a sound effects library combine to create a hypnotic, improvised narrative building an ersatz digital image of West Wales.

article posted by:Aliena Haig, Piranha Arts