Four years of MOST Music Project: Closing and Summery

MOST Music The Bridge for Balkan Music
Balkan Music Export pillar
Urban Project Hub Pillar
Festival and Club Exchange Pillar
Management and Training Pillar

The mission of MOST Music was to boost the music market of the Balkans by connecting and supporting actors of the world music scene; artists, managers, festivals and institutions. MOST builds a bridge connecting the Balkans and the global music market, a bridge made up of personal connections, experience and exchange.

This Creative Europe-supported project channeled the amazing potential and exciting cultural mix of the South East European region into the larger European circulation. MOST was focused on creating buzz around the contemporary Balkan music brand, actively looking beyond the stereotypes.

Balkan Music Export Pillar
Most Music's Balkan Music Export pillar has provided the backing and network necessary for artists from the Balkan region to connect with stakeholders, different audiences and shatter the barrier of entry into the realm of world music. This stands as the central objective of the Balkan Music Export initiative: to extend opportunities to promising talents.
Balkan Music Export pillar made local performers poised for global recognition, delivering training, mentorship, portfolio development, networking, and performance platforms to handpicked candidates.

Urban Project Hub Pillar
From idea to implementation MOST Music's Urban Project Hub pillar funded music-related projects aiming to enhance the local music scene.
Urban Creatives, chosen participants, received financial and expert backing from MOST to execute their plans, resulting in distinctive urban projects that filled important gaps within their communities. The program provided training, mentorship, and networking opportunities, empowering participants with the right tools to create such diverse projects.

Festival and Club Exchange Pillar
The Festival and Club Exchange pillar created opportunities for club and festival tandems to connect and learn from each other while being mentored by the best event experts in the market.

In this pillar, the focus was on discovering festivals and clubs across Europe renowned for their exceptional world music lineups - pairs were created by matching one ‘Balkan’ festival with one from another part of Europe. The pairs paid mutual visits to each other’s events and then proceeded to exchange international artists, resulting in dozens of amazing shows all around the continent. This exchange broadened the professional network and artistic scope of both parties.

Management Training Pillar
Organizers, producers, booking agents were all welcomed as participants in the Management Training pillar of MOST.

During the programme, participants were able to acquire new skills and professional tools to strengthen music industry relations between the poles. Via this pillar, 79 managers got training opportunities and 20 managers spent traineeships across Europe in different organizations all over Europe, such as Hangvető, Glitterbeat Record, Bulgarian Music Association, BOZAR, Piranha Arts, Password, European Music Council, Songlines.

[b[Balkan World Music Guide[/b]
The Balkan World Music Guide is a free pocket book published by Hangvető, the leading organization of MOST Music that gives you a comprehensive overview to a vibrant scene and the achievements of the 4-year-long project in Southeast Europe and beyond.
See online version here.

article posted by:Gideon Elfgen, Piranha Arts