Innovation Award 2021 Recipients REVEALED

Innovation Award Recipients 2021

We are proud to announce the Classical:NEXT Innovation Award recipients 2021. They were determined by an online vote open to the entire Classical:NEXT community, including all delegates who have registered for any of our editions and who are linked via C:N NET.

by Stephanie Winker, Franziska Ritter & Christian Siegmund
This project features a 10-minute non-verbal 1-to-1 encounter between a listener and a musician. The concert attendees do not know who is going to play. The concept also explores extraordinary concert venues. Spaces and venues are provided by private hosts.

Conexão Heliópolis (Heliópolis Connection)
by Instituto Baccarelli
The Baccarelli Institute is a non-profit organisation in Brazil that offers music education for 1,200 kids in Heliópolis, where it has formed the first symphony orchestra in the world in a slum.

Kultūra į kiemus (Culture to the Yards) (Lithuania)
During the first lockdown, “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022” together with the community programme “Fluxus Labas” have launched this project devoted to bringing back such feelings as the thrill of anticipation of the live concert, the direct connection between the performers and the listeners/spectators around them.

these bones, this flesh, this skin
by Scottish Ensemble
Scottish Ensemble strives to put collaboration at the heart of its activities and brought together a new interactive music/dance/film work for solo violin and solo dancer, exploring themes of time, memory and attention.

From tomorrow on you will have the chance to meet them all through personal interviews on our YouTube channel. The pianist Andreas Kern spoke with our recipients following his motto of discovering classical music in unconventional ways. Be sure to tune in!

article posted by:Gideon Elfgen, Piranha Arts