International contact points for refugees and those who want to help

The debate on how to welcome refugees coming to Europe over the last few weeks and WOMEX taking place in Budapest this year encouraged us to share a selection of international organisations, initiatives and volunteers taking a stand for refugees and migration with you.

They are primarily aiming to provide help to those in crisis whose lives are drastically affected and shattered by conflict and struggle all over the world. Their work includes direct support for refugees or other refugee aid initiatives as well as offering information on how to get involved to the interested public. Among other projects the organisations listed provide assistance and build up programmes in European countries for arriving refugees or set up long-term aid in affected areas in Africa and Asia.

For more detailed information on the different global projects of the individual organisations, see the links to their websites. For a list of musical refugee projects, please check our article Refugees in Music - WOMEX feature.

article posted by:Juliane Bahl, Piranha Arts