Julie’s Bicycle Receives WOMEX 19 Professional Excellence Award

Julie's Bicycle at CG Awards 2017 by Angela Dennis Photography

For their forward-thinking strategies to speed up the attainment of environmental sustainability in every facet of our industry and professional lives, for their rallying of artists and arts professionals from all over the world to speak and act in one powerful group, and for their status as a figurehead in the global arts movement in the face of climate change and ecological disaster, Piranha Arts, the organisers of WOMEX are delighted to present the 2019 WOMEX Professional Excellence Award to Julie’s Bicycle.

Julie’s Bicycle rallies the creative and arts sectors in shouting with one powerful voice against the environmental crises that we are now facing. Named after the location of their first meeting, Julie's Bicycle has worked tirelessly towards their vision, in London (where they’re based), in the UK, and in the world.

Julie’s Bicycle has approached their task in three main ways: working with businesses individually to improve their environmental impact management; researching and developing resources for the use of all; and introducing, promoting and performing outreach for new ideas and sustainable business models.

On confirming their attendance to receive the 2019 WOMEX Professional Excellence Award, Director Alison Tickell on behalf of Julie's Bicycle shared:

"Climate change and our environment are global challenges which necessitate a global response. Many of the most extreme impacts are being felt by the most vulnerable communities, often in the global south: justice, fairness and equity are at the heart of environmental action. This award is not just for Julie's Bicycle team, but for all those music pioneers who are raising awareness, bringing together our kindred communities, regenerating music practice and protecting all beings that share our earth. Thank you WOMEX."

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article posted by:Francisco Gonçalves Silva, Piranha Arts