Meet The 2019 7 Samurai And Club Summit Curator

WOMEX 7 Samurai

The wait is over! We're happy to announce that we have once again gathered the seven representatives joining the WOMEX Jury. Otherwise known as the 7 Samurai, together, they will be curating the programme for WOMEX 19 in Tampere, Finland.

The programme consists of proposals coming from all over the world and applications are split into four categories: "Showcase", "Club Summit", "Conference" and "Film." To apply, make sure to visit the dedicated proposal website (link below).

Hailing from seven different countries, these four women and three men, are active members of the world music community. They each bring their forward-thinking ideas to curate the WOMEX programme, celebrated for its diversity across the showcase festival scene, spanning across all continents, from innovation to tradition, acoustic to electronic, inclusive of all sectors, expertise and genres.

The Showcase Samurai:
- Alejandra Gómez (Colombia), director, Biche
- Amandine Saumonneau (France), coordinator, Zone Franche
- Divya Bhatia (India), artist director and producer, Jodhpur RIFF
- Tapio Korjus (Finland), managing director, Rockadillo Production OY
- Zlata Holušová (Czech Republic), festival director, Colours of Ostrava

The Conference Samurai:
- Hinurewa te Hau (New Zealand), director, Tamaki Makaurau Matariki Festival Trust
- Virgo Sillamaa (Estonia), director, Music Estonia

In addition, Emily Dust, renowned DJ, promoter and broadcaster, will be curating the WOMEX Club Summit, a series of customised club nights that feature a line-up of DJs and producers, highlighting the trends, sounds and beats featured on dancefloors across the world. Emily has built an impressive reputation by showcasing the freshest sounds, genres and tempos in a unique style and fashion, which is why we're excited to have her join the 25th edition of WOMEX.

article posted by:Francisco Gonçalves Silva, Piranha Arts