Meet the 2021 Nominating Committee

For the 2021 Innovation Award, 18 music journalists and experts from 16 countries and every continent make up the Committee. Their role is to inform classical music professionals about potential recipients outside of their own national or professional periphery and their work focuses on renewal and trends in classical music. 

As part of the Nominating Committee is the Classical:NEXT Industry Insider. In their role, they cover areas of the music industry which often go under the radar and aren't in the public eye. Members of these sectors may be deserving of an Innovation Award, yet would be overseen without the help of our Industry Insiders. These vary from year to year and can include the recording industry, management, music education and outreach, audience development and more. For 2021, the Classical:NEXT Industry Insider is Steve Long.

article posted by:Aliena Haig, Piranha Arts