Northern Connections: Full Line-Up For WOMEX 19 Regional Stage


Continuing the annual tradition of representing and supporting talents from the host countries and around, this notable 25th jubilee edition of WOMEX programme will once again feature a regional stage titled 'Northern Connections'. It will showcase musical talent not just from the Nordic region (Finland, Norway, Sweden & Denmark) but also from neighbours near and far from Estonia, Lithuania, and others.

Finland, this 'land of the midnight sun', not only represents vibrant cultural diversity, but also embodies a richness in music that embraces all genres, styles and soundscapes, both steeped in tradition, and at the forefront of music innovation and experimentation. This year, WOMEX delegates will get to experience the musical richness of the Northern region in all styles and forms.

Taking to the regional stage are: Tuuletar, a Finnish quartet comprising of four women with four microphones and no instruments building a world of sounds.; the six-piece Mames Babegenush[/b] from Denmark, will perform klezmer and Balkan brass with a distinctive Scandinavian stamp and a hint of manouche jazz; Cätlin Mägi, hailing from Estonia, sings and plays 50 (yes, fifty!) Jew’s harps. Mägi uses live looping and electronic manipulation to re-imagine what Estonian folk music might have sounded like had it developed on another planet. Using yoik singing, percussion and electronics, from the high Arctic of Norway comes Elle Marja. Marja's spacious work evokes ice and rock, woods and skies, re-evaluating traditional life in a modern era.

Here is the full list of Northern Connections Artists (in alphabetical order):

• Cätlin Mägi (Estonia)
• Elle Marja (Norway)
• Emilia Amper (Sweden)
• MA Rouf (Iran/Finland)
• Mames Babegenush (Denmark)
• Mari Kalkun (Estonia)
• Merope (Lithuania/Belgium)
• Tuuletar (Finland)
• Wimme & Rinne (Finland)

WOMEX 19 has already released the list of 33 jury-selected showcases, five Club Summit artists, four Opening: Arctic Fire – Pohjoiset tulet artists. Check below the links for further information on Official WOMEX 19 Showcases, Opening and how to become a delegate. Register today and don’t miss out, the best is yet to come!

article posted by:Francisco Gonçalves Silva, Piranha Arts