The Show Must Go On(line)

Photo by Eric van Nieuwland

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the Classical:NEXT 2020 Innovation Award will take place, but with a twist. True to our experimental spirit, Classical:NEXT is trying something new and we're taking the 2020 Innovation Award digital!

As we work towards putting together a ceremony for live broadcast, all delegates with an active C:N NET account are eligible to vote and the voting is now open.

10 nominees have been selected by the Nominating Committee to form the Shortlist and each delegate can cast their vote for up to three projects.

We simply ask you to keep one thing in mind: where there’s innovation there’s imagination, and where imagination reaches the public domain, there’s inspiration. So when you vote we’d like you to consider - what need for change does this nomination address? Why is it important to make this particular change?

Please also consider that innovation is relative. What is innovation for one location may not be for another. Different locations often have quite different cultural landscapes, so do bear this in mind when viewing nominations from outside your own cultural reference point.

All details for the Award Ceremony will be announced soon, but in the meantime, let the voting begin!

article posted by:Aliena Haig, Piranha Arts