What the Classical:NEXT Jury Seeks - Conference

Here are some quick hints and recommendations for your conference session proposal. These are just some of the things that the jury will be looking for in a proposal:

1. Practical, hands-on, how-to knowledge
This could be done as an interactive format or, if the subject is truly new or highly unknown, a short informative yet non-interactive presentation might also be selected.

2. Topics which are relevant for more than one sector/region
If your topic is too specialised, it won’t make it. For example – a proposal about artist taxation in Germany is great for a German artist manager or presenter in particular, but not for the global platform of Classical:NEXT. Broaden out to include additional regions and additional sectors!

3. Future-oriented themes
Is it showing a new way forward? Is it addressing an issue coming up in the future? Often the most exciting sessions at Classical:NEXT are the ones that push the boundaries and help map out the path ahead for classical music.

4. Burning issues
Reaching new audiences, streaming, metadata or the importance of what's onstage and backstage reflecting the general population offstage – these are just a few of the many “burning” issues, areas with which there is much controversy, the need for change or for dramatic improvement. Is your topic a ‘hot’ one? Do most people in your sector (and perhaps other sectors) also seem to struggle with it?

5. Interactive sessions
Classical:NEXT aims to feature a high number of interactive sessions. Traditional panel discussions are only allowed as an occasional exception. If your proposal is selected, the Classical:NEXT team will gladly assist in advising you on the session design. Our goal is to insure each conference session is the most effective and successful it can be! In your proposal, focus mainly on the key issue(s) to be explored, why that issue is so important and what outcome you hope to achieve with the session. In addition, if you have ideas about session design, let us know! If you are not sure how to design your session, don’t worry – as mentioned, the Classical:NEXT team will assist in designing selected proposals. The final programme will have an optimal spread of sector interest areas as well as of creative and business-oriented themes. It will also have a balance of gender and geographical representation.

article posted by:Jim Hickson, Piranha Arts