WOMEX 14 Opening Concert - Compostela - The Roots, The Way

WOMEX is delighted to announce that a special, exclusive event on Wednesday, 22 October will mark the start of WOMEX 14 in Santiago de Compostela, setting the pace and standard for the days and nights to come.

The Opening Concert, 'Compostela - The Roots, The Way', features select Galician music with extraordinary artists from the Iberian peninsula and Canary Islands to explore the diversity of Galicia's musical influences.

Supported by well-known Galicians Mercedes Peon and Xabier Díaz, the opening concert will gather Flamenco-jazz artist Jorge Pardo, Fado singer Antonio Zambujo, Basque Oreka TX as well as young timple virtuoso German Lopez. Xose Manuel Budiño directs this exclusive concert experience.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014. Doors open 19:30
Auditorio de Galicia

All delegates are invited!

article posted by:Claudia Budke, Piranha Arts