WOMEX 15 BUDAPEST - First Conference Sessions Announced

WOMEX 14 Conference, by Eric van Nieuwland

It's not just the WOMEX 15 Showcase Festival that is coming together - we have already announced our first set of Conference sessions and speakers! Both topics and speakers are worldwide in their scope, and this year's programme is set to be as interesting as ever. Here are the sessions announced so far:

Introduction to the Music Scene in India - Emmanuelle de Decker
Touring the Balkans - Kay Krijnen
Music Bridging Communities in Post-Conflict Environments - Darren Ferguson
Breaking Down the Walls - Jo Frost
Artist Data Insights - Erich Ludwig
Why Curation Will Save the Music Industry - Felix Zeltner
Who is That Singing Your Song? - Manojna Yeluri
Masters from the Past – The "Final Hour" Program - Péter Árendás
Connecting with the Far East: Focusing on Korea, China & Japan - Min Kim
Latinos and the Global Music Industry - Catalina Maria Johnson
Label Release vs. Artist Release - Yusuf Sahilli

For further information, visit our WOMEX 15 Conference page.

article posted by:Jim Hickson, Piranha Arts