WOMEX 15 BUDAPEST - Roma Opening at WOMEX 15

Expanding upon the theme of the WOMEX 11 Opening in Copenhagen, Hungarian HeartBeats, this year's Opening concert, called Gypsy HeartBeats, will honour music from the Carpathian Basin, and its variety, by celebrating the musical impact of the Roma, whose appearance in the area can be traced back to the 15th Century.

WOMEX is proud that the Roma will take centre stage this year: As musical messengers throughout the region, the Roma have kept their musical traditions, which place a heavy focus on vocals, alive to the present day. Gypsy HeartBeats will offer a snapshot of the roots of this music and portray how this tradition has evolved in the modern day.

See the full list of artists here.

Photo: Szalonna and his band, featuring Ferenc Radics by Róbert Bácsi

article posted by:Anna Rees, Piranha Arts