WOMEX 21 Film Programme

WOMEX 21 Film Selection

The WOMEX 21 Film Programme features a hand-picked selection of 24 music documentaries featuring new releases, preview screenings, and international premieres.

The past year and a half have been a transformative year for everybody, especially for the creative industries. Since the WOMEX Film team started working on the film programme a few months ago, they have been working with one goal: to craft a selection and an edition that would inspire, motivate, entertain, instigate and address the most burning global issues and topics of the day including stories of occupation and immigration in research of freedom and new identities; local diasporas and city gentrification; from creative processes to intimate collaborations; breaking boundaries to female empowerment; and much more.

Avoiding the temptation to follow the beaten paths, continuing the quest for music and cinema from far and near regions and – above all – rethinking the relationship between the delegates, films and the filmmakers - the result is a rich, complete, unique film programme from around the world; to be experienced together in person, over the three days of film programming with discussion panels and interactive Q&As with the filmmakers onsite.

The WOMEX Film Programme is a platform to support independent filmmakers in presenting their visionary stories to a global audience — who understands the power of storytelling, that are seeking new voices, new works, fresh perspectives, looking to connect, and celebrate. The programme also creates an immersive experience for music professionals, ie: bookers, curators, label managers and publishers, among other music professionals to discover music, artists, and cross-cultural collaborations, while reflecting on alternative programming opportunities.

The WOMEX 21 Film Programme is divided into Market and Public Screenings and the Film Library, a physical space that features an extended selection of films independent of a scheduled screening and can be watched by WOMEX delegates on-demand at any time. More about the programme formats here.

article posted by:Gideon Elfgen, Piranha Arts