WOMEX 22 Conferece Programme completed

WOMEX 22 Conference 4 Announcement

As we are getting closer to October, the programme is getting full and exciting. We have non-stop news, developments, updates and announcements coming every week. Today is another big round of announcements. You can now see the FULL Conference Programme and Showcase Artists line-up on our website for WOMEX 22 in Lisbon.

Altogether there are 19 Conferences, 9 Networking, 9 Mentoring Sessions, and 3 Associated Presentations which present 103 speakers from 47 countries, tackling a wide range of topics like social inclusion, Womxn and gender diversity, art and artists at risk, Indigenous music, global music royalty collections, NFTs, Crypto and Blockchain, touring strategies for artists, and much more.

Check out the selection below to get a glimpse of confirmed speakers, and newly added sessions.

WOMEX 22 Meet The Speakers
Branko (Portugal), Enchufada | Ouafa Belgacem (Tunisia), Culture Funding Watch | Buruntuma (Guiné-Bissau/Portugal) | Enrique Blanc (Mexico), FIM GDLR | Alona Dmukhovska (Ukraine), Music Export Ukraine | Khadija El Bennaoui (Morocco/United Arab Emirates), Art Moves Africa | Paul Duhaney (UK), Africa Oyé | Rebecca Hazlewood (UK/Portugal), Julie's Bicycle | Brad Holmes (South Africa), Bassline Jazz Club | Michal Kaščák (Slovakia), Pohoda festival | Cindy Li (China/Canada) | Svitlana Lenchenko (Ukraine), Ukrainian Institute | Tomás Muhr (Chile) IMESUR/MIUSIC | Ngulmiya Nundhirribala (Australia), Bapa Gajah | Ritnika Nayan (India), Downtown Music Holdings | Susana Costa Pereira (Portugal), Creative Europe Desk Portugal | Gwendolenn Sharp (France), The Green Room | Ahmad Sarmast (Afghanistan) Afghanistan National Institute of Music, ANIM | Ashley Tucker (USA), Artistic Freedom Initiative | and many more.

Find all the Speakers here.

New Conference Sessions Added...

Lusophone Labels to Love
Meet some of Portugal’s most exciting global club players
Emily Dust (UK), Branko (Portugal), Buruntuma (Guiné-Bissau/Portugal)

Meet The Recipient Of The Womex 22 Professional Excellence Award
Francis Gay (France/Germany) in conversation with Felix Zeltner (Germany/USA).

War and Music
Ukraine and the implications of war for music
Nick Hobbs (UK/Turkey), Sean Jacobs (South Africa/USA), Michal Kaščák (Slovakia), Alexandra Archetti (Norway)


Associated Presentations

Besides the jury-selected conference programme, we offer to our long-term partners a platform to present their latest project or address burning topics to the wider WOMEX community.

Colombia at WOMEX: 10 years anniversary
Luisa Piñeros (Colombia),Catalina Valencia (Colombia), Alfredo Caxaj (Guatemala/Canada), Victoria Lotero Tangarife (Colombia)

Promoting Musical Diversity Through Policies: Elaborating music policies and strategies using participatory methodologies
Reiko Yoshida (Japan/France), Andrés Cervilla (Costa Rica), Nick Moyo (Zimbabwe), Mónica Salazar (Costa Rica), Melody Zambuko (Zimbabwe)

The Brand of the Land: Best Practices and Case Studies of Regional Branding
Balázs Weyer (Hungary), Tino Grasselt (Germany), Minna Huuskonen (Finland), Marija Vitas (Serbia)

Stay tuned for more!

article posted by:Gideon Elfgen, Piranha Arts