WOMEX 22 Films On Demand in December

WOMEX 22 Films in Dec

WOMEX on-site event is hectic; a lot is happening, and catching a film in-between meetings and sessions becomes challenging, and we understand that. So, as we reach the end of the year, to set you in the holiday mood, we have put together our first selection of Films from WOMEX 22 in Lisbon that you can stream online on virtualWOMEX from the comfort of your home.

Starting today, Friday, 09 December, until Sunday, 18 December, all virtualWOMEX members will be able to stream the selected films. We highly suggest taking advantage of this opportunity, grabbing a bag of popcorn and diving into films from around the world.

Rediscover the fascinating musical traditions of the past across the globe. From the Mro, a small indigenous community scattered in the hill district of Bandarban in South-Eastern Bangladesh and their unique musical instrument ploong (or plung), to the musical traditions of Tajikistan’s remote areas, which have been subjected to the changing demands of Soviet, Islamic and capitalist influences, to the philosophy of seven musical maqams of the oldest wind instrument (shamshal) in the life of the people of Zagros (Kurdistan, Iran).

Mro Song and Dance (Bangladesh)
Rhythms of Lost Time (Tajikistan)
Seven Symphonies of Zagros (Kurdistan/Iran)

If you have an active virtualWOMEX membership or were registered for WOMEX 22 Lisbon then you can use the same login details to access the Films Library online. You can renew your annual virtualWOMEX membership or get a new one for 79 EUR.

To watch the films online, follow these three easy steps:

Step 1: On our Digital programme page, select the film(s) you would like to watch.
Step 2: On the left side of the event page you will find the film plus trailer.
Step 3: Log into your virtualWOMEX account to watch the full film.

Get behind-the-scenes details from the filmmakers in our interview series available on the WOMEX Blog. And, yes, you can also connect with the filmmakers through your account!

Check out the exclusive directors interviews:
Rhythm Is The Language Of Time
Interview with Anisa Sabiri by Lucia Udvardyova

Mro Song And Dance
Interview with Asifuzzaman Khan by Lucia Udvardyova

The Mountains Of Zagros Tell Stories
Interview with Parviz Rostami by Lucia Udvardyova

article posted by:Gideon Elfgen, Piranha Arts