WOMEX 22 Spotlight On Films

WOMEX 22 Film Teaser

Join us on a cinematic journey this upcoming WOMEX in Lisbon as we bring you three immersive days of our unique Film Programme (20 - 22 October).

The 2022 Film Programme is curated to inspire and provoke you - the delegates, bookers, curators, labels and promoters among others. Engage with the films and filmmakers to explore a diverse range of music, space, and regions, discover musicians, and new projects, and recognise alternative programming opportunities.

The selected Films come from across the world that encourages and strengthen open conversations between the global music and film community. The selection of 21 music documentaries was hand-picked, which include new releases, preview screenings, and Portuguese premieres.

Each year, our Film Programme celebrates creative, progressive and innovative storytelling through reels - pushing the boundaries of narration from diverse and multicultural perspectives, challenging the status quo.

WOMEX 22 Film Programme

The WOMEX 22 Film Programme is divided into Market and Public Screenings and the Film Library, a physical space that features an extended selection of films independent of a scheduled screening and can be watched by WOMEX delegates on-demand at any time. Information about the programme formats is below and locations are here.

Market Screenings: Open to WOMEX 22 delegates only.
Where: Daytime venue: Altice Arena
Time: Check the schedule

Film Library: Open to WOMEX 22 delegates only.
Where: Daytime venue: Altice Arena
Time: Check the schedule

Public Screenings: Open to the public and WOMEX 22 delegates
Where: Cinemateca Portuguesa. Founded in the early 1950s by one of the pioneers of European film libraries, Manuel FĂ©lix Ribeiro, and became an autonomous institution in 1980.
Time: Check the schedule

article posted by:Gideon Elfgen, Piranha Arts