WOMEX at SXSW - WOMEX at SXSW: Cancellations and Replacements

Ozomatli, by meaduva

As we announced yesterday, United Vibrations and Throes + The Shine had to cancel their performances at the WOMEX Night at SXSW tonight, due to the visa problems that are hitting many artists this week. Today we are pleased to announce that Ozomatli (USA) and Mora Lucay (Chile) will be performing in their stead – the party will go on in very capable hands, tonight from 8pm in Flamingo Cantina, Austin, Texas!

Our best wishes to United Vibrations and Throes + The Shine, whom we would have loved to see playing on the WOMEX stage at SXSW. Bands from around the world have been refused entry to the USA in the past week, and as yet there appears to be no pattern. The reasons for the issues with US immigration are still unclear. We look forward to hearing clarification on this matter. In any case: this is a very sad and unnecessary situation.

It’s yet another reason to join us and discuss at the World Music Meet Up on 5pm in the SXSW Convention Center, too – meet, network and chat with us and many other world music professionals from across the globe.

Photo: Ozomatli, by meaduva

article posted by:Jim Hickson, Piranha Arts