WOMEX Film-On-Demand Is Back!

WOMEX Film Lisbon Special

Since we are travelling to Lisbon for the first time for WOMEX 22 this October, we invite you to immerse yourself in the sonically rich atmosphere of the Portuguese capital through three films originally presented in Porto last year. You can now stream online for a limited time starting today 18 February until 28 February via our virtualWOMEX platform.

Silêncio – Vozes de Lisboa, directed by Judit Kalmár & Céline Coste Carlisle, is an ode to a city that is rapidly changing. It is an homage to fado, a traditional style of music that talks about everyday struggles, and through that fado remains universal and beloved by the two protagonists Ivone Dias and Marta Miranda as they explore their city and community.
Caravagyo, directed by Joana Lourenço & Ana Manana, transports us into another universe: the world of Lisbon's nightlife, soundtracked by Brazilian funk music. Similarly to Silêncio, the film also highlights the effects of gentrification on the city. We see spaces and contexts that have disappeared. Nevertheless, the young community we witness through the eyes of the Portuguese-Brazilian DJ couple, the open-minded, queer-friendly new spaces, offer some hope.
O Princípio, O Meio, O Fim e o Infinito, by Batida aka Pedro Coquenão, ditches conventional narrative and embraces a dream-like sequence of encounters. It features conversations on key topics such as water, mobility, fair trade, mental health and complicity, contact with reels with field recordings made by Hugh Tracey in 1950s Angola, time travel and the obsessive use of drum machines of the 80s.

Use your WOMEX 21 virtualWOMEX credentials to access these films. If you do not have an active account, register for virtualWOMEX. You can also connect with the filmmakers via your virtualWOMEX account.

article posted by:Gideon Elfgen, Piranha Arts