Working in Music Tech?

Photo by Eric van Nieuwland

Of particular focus for Classical:NEXT 2020 is music technology, providing a platform for various services and projects across new additions to the programme. For the upcoming ninth edition, a specially curated Tech Isle will feature within the Expo, allowing companies to display their products for delegates to try and test, accompanied with short presentations, known as Discovery@Tech Isle.

The Tech Isle will be curated by IDAGIO both the exhibitors and the presenters will be featured as part of the Programme Schedule. A share in the Tech Isle costs €455 for 3m² net and those interested are encouraged to get in touch with!

Technology will also feature prominently within the Conference Programme. Following the Project Pitches format, the Tech Project Pitches offer opportunities to introduce technological products, services, ideas and solutions to the multinational, cross-sector audience.

Are you...
...working on a music-technology project?
...developing hardware, software or providing a tech service for music?
...actively contributing to the further development of the music-technology industry?

The Tech Project Pitches will be curated by Music Tech Germany.

Interested? Then we want to hear from you! Get in touch!

article posted by:Aliena Haig, Piranha Arts