WORLD MUSIC CHARTS EUROPE - WMCE Top-3 Records in December 2014

We are quickly approaching the end of the year 2014! It's about time to share the top 3 World Music Charts Europe results for a last time this year.

Every month we present the top 3 results of the World Music Charts Europe (WMCE), a monthly poll taken of world music radio programmers in twenty-four European countries.

Tony Allen moved up to the top of the list this month, pushing Aurelio Martinez down to second place.

1. Film of Life - Tony Allen - Nigeria (Jazz Village/Harmonia Mundi)
Last month: 2

2. Landini – Aurelio Martinez - Honduras (Real World Records)
Last month: 1

3. Espiritu del Sol – Amparo Sanchez - Spain (World Village)
Last month: 6

article posted by:Claudia Budke, Piranha Arts