"WOMEXimizer 15 Extended" - Various artists

Various artists


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  • artist:Various artists
  • release year:2015
  • style(s):World
  • country:Germany
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Piranha Arts
  • label:Piranha Arts

1. Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band – Gyae Su
Highlife legend dubbed the Golden Voice of Africa celebrating five decades of high-level music-making.
Language: Ashanti Twi
Album: Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band

2. Ana Tijoux – Somos Sur (feat. Shadia Mansour)
Chile's foremost female MC and people's poet, pushing the hip-hop envelope by returning to her roots.
Language: Spanish & Arabic
Album: Vengo

3. Ági Herczku & Band – Gyimesi Karszilamasz (edit)
Popular singer and irrepressibly virtuosic band in high-level merger of Hungarian, Balkan and Eastern European roots.
Language: Hungarian
Album: Bandázom

4. Chouk Bwa Libète – Pawol Jatibwa
Tradition, poetry and master drumming from Haiti's vodou heartland.
Language: Haitian Creole
Album: Se Nou Ki La!

5. Forabandit – Nemidoonem
Occitan and Anatolian troubadour traditions meet and intertwine in mutually enhancing Mediterranean voyage.
Language: Turkish & Occitan
Album: Port

6. Cheikh Lȏ – Degg Gui (feat. Flavia Coelho & Fixi)
Senegal's idiosyncratic musical philosopher celebrating 40 year career in multicoloured style.
Language: Wolof
Album: Balbalou

7. Pierre Kwenders – Mardi Gras (feat. Jacobus)
Congolese-born, Montreal-based post-retro-modernist fusing rumba roots into futuristic Afro-electro beats.
Language: Lingala & French
Album: La Dernier Empereur Bantou

8. Damir Imamović Sevdah Takht – Razbolje se Lijepa Hajrija
Passionate explorations into the soul of Bosnian sevdah music from one its most innovative voices.
Language: Bosnian
Album: Sevdah Takht

9. Cimbalomduó – Geampara (edit)
Summit meeting of Hungary's two leading cimbalom maestros exploring uncharted waters of hammered strings.
Language: instrumental
Album: Tuned In

10. Tritha Electric – Rangamati
Indian classical music singer embraces psychedelic punk-rock to further awareness of social issues.
Language: Bengali
Album: PaGLi

11. Tamer Abu Ghazaleh – Khabar 3ajel
Tireless Palestinian multi-instrumentalist, performer, producer, composer, presents new pan-Arabic ensemble project.
Language: Arabic
Album: Khabar 3ajel

12. Alo Wala – Badman Bible (feat. Boody)
International posse pushing positive messages with ground-breaking psychedelic tropical beats and ground-shaking bass.
Language: English
Album: City Boy EP

13. Rancho Aparte Chirimia – Rompe Pecho
Energetic explorations of Afro-Columbian polka roots with looping clarinets, pumping bombardino and dynamic drumming.
Language: Spanish
Album: Poniéndote a Gozar EP

14. Emicida – Bonjour (feat. Féfé)
Brazilian rapper goes viral with new digital directions in samba, soul and Brazilian funk.
Language: Portuguese & French
Album: Bonjour

15. Chancha via Circuito – Coplita (feat. Miriam Garcia)
South American roots through the post-dubstep filter of Argentina's master remixer and futuristic folklore creator.
Language: Spanish
Album: Amansara

16. Wu Man – Leaves Flying in Autumn
Foremost pipa virtuoso giving ancient instrument a new role in both traditional and contemporary music.
Language: instrumental
Album: Immesurable Light

17. Iberi – Mival Guriashi
Georgian male voice choir bringing ancient and modern polyphonic singing to the world stage.
Language: Georgian
Album: First

18. Tarek Abdallah & Adel Shams El-Din – Wasla
Virtuoso oud and riqq duo revisiting and revitalizing the neglected Golden Age of Egyptian classical music.
Language: instrumental
Album: Wasla

19. Karolina Cicha & Bart Pałyga – Za Riczkaju
Multi-instrumentalist duo trace the multi-lingual paths of the northeast Polish borderlands.
Language: Belarusian
Album: 9 Languages

20. A-Wa – Habib Galbi
Singing siblings provide missing link between traditional Yemenite songs, hip-hop and the Andrews Sisters.
Language: Arabic
Album: Habib Galbi

21. Blick Bassy – Kiki
Elegantly arranged Afro-Blues from Cameroon explorer connecting memories of the musical diaspora.
Language: Bassa
Album: Akö

22. Zoufris Maracas – Et Si Demain
Silly song inadvertently spawns successful career for exuberantly languid manouche, cumbia and rumba combo.
Language: French
Album: Chienne de Vie

23. Didier Laloy & Kathy Adam – Belem
Celebrated diatonic accordion and cello duo create new chamber music of expressive originality.
Language: instrumental
Album: Belem

24. Germán López – Polcaflamencá
Accomplished exponent of the Canarian timple elevating its profile on the international stage.
Language: instrumental
Album: De Raíz

25. Moh ! Kouyate – T'en Vas pas, ça va pas!
Guinean guitarist at the crossroads where West Africa meets the Mississippi Delta and Afro-beat meets funky jazz.
Language: French, Mandinka & Soussou
Album: Loundo (Un Jour)

26. Dom Flemons – Til' the Seas Run Dry
New roads to old-time folk, country and blues roots from one-time Carolina Chocolate Drop.
Language: English
Album: Prospect Hill

27. Martin Lubenov's Jazzta Prasta – Multiculti Paris (edit)
Breathtaking excursions through Roma roots with Bulgarian accordion virtuoso and fleet-fingered companions.
Language: instrumental
Album: Impression

28. Baraji – Muchuita
Korean classical ensemble bringing ancient shamanistic ritual music to the stage with contemporary verve.
Language: Korean
Album: Beasohn

29. Bella Hardy – The Only Thing To Do
Award-winning singer crafting imaginative and personal songs from a solid traditional roots connection.
Language: English
Album: With the Dawn

30. Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha – Ihmehyrrä
Forthright Finnish crooner and crack combo deliver driving dances, melting ballads and deep lyrics.
Language: Finnish
Album: Lapland-Balkan

31. Palenke Soultribe – Blanco y Negro (feat. Macondo & Mr. Vallenato)
Club music combustion of Columbian roots, LA beats, live percussion, heavy bass and big visuals.
Language: Spanish
Album: MAR

32. Sarabi – Sheria (edit)
Committed Kenyan roots rockers raising issues and awareness with crowd-pleasing performances.
Language: Kiswahili & English

33. Buda Folk Band – Körös Körül
Young city dwellers carrying the Hungarian folk music torch down the concrete streets of the nation's capital.
Language: Hungarian

34. PaCoRa Trio – Hruška
Masterful merging of jazz and Slovakian folk music from virtuoso cimbalom, violin and bass trio.
Language: instrumental
Album: Fugit Hora

35. Sutari – Kupalnocka
Exploring the hidden meanings of Polish women's folk singing with traditional instruments and household objects.
Language: Polish
Album: Waino

36. Iļģi – Ozoliņš Sadega
Latvia's national musical treasure celebrating 35 years of folk, folk-rock and post-traditional innovations.
Language: Latvian
Album: Kaza Kāpa Debesīs

37. Clarinet Factory – Wild Goose
Four-man music laboratory concocting new formulae to explore creative possibilities of the clarinet.
Language: instrumental
Album: Out of Home

38. Muzykanci – The Fish Has Swayed the Water
Polish folk music's award-festooned supergroup merging regional styles and East European roots.
Language: Polish

39. Federspiel – Schleunige in As
Young Austrian brass band with wanderlust, redefining what you think Austrian brass bands sound like.
Language: instrumental
Album: Live im Wiener Musikverein