"WOMEXimizer 16 Extended" - Various artists

Various artists


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  • artist:Various artists
  • release year:2016
  • country:Germany
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Piranha Arts
  • label:Piranha Arts

1. Jupiter / Okwess – Musonsu
The dark side of Congolese music, mixing rumba, rock and more.
Language: Lingala
Album: Troposphere 13

2. Delgres – Mo Jodi
Delta blues from the French Caribbean.
Language: French Creole
Album: Delgres

3. Bargou 08 – Mamchout Ghmara
Electrotraditions from the mountains of the Maghreb.
Language: Arabic
Album: Targ (unreleased)

4. Bareto – La Pantalla
Electric explorers go boldly forward to the outer limits of twang with all-styles Peruvian cumbia mixup.
Language: Spanish
Album: Impredecible

5. Calypso Rose – Calypso Queen
The WOMEX 16 Artist Award winner has transformed calypso in many ways. The scale of her talent and success are impossible to ignore.
Language: English
Album: Far From Home

6. Radio Cos – Rumbista de Sas (edit)
Musical researchers delve into the fun side of Galicia's folk traditions.
Language: Galician
Album: Radio Cos

7. Trad.Attack! – Toru-uss
Keeping alight the flames of Estonia’s traditions – with rock!
Album: Ahi

8. Kondi Band – You Wan Married
Traditional thumb pianos and a techno producer collaborate to create lamellotronica.
Language: Pidgin English
Album: Salone

9. Puerto Candelaria – Cumbia Rebelde
Looking into cumbia’s pastoral past and intergalactic future.
Language: Spanish
Album: Cumbia Rebelde

10. Niño de Elche – Estrategias de Distraccion
Maverick cantaor deconstructing flamenco with evocative electronics and provocative poetry of the conscience.
Language: Spanish
Album: Voces del Extremo

11. Ponk – Sibenicky
Moravian roots interpreted by today’s open-eared pioneers.
Language: Czech
Album: Postfolklor

12. Noura Mint Seymali – Arbina
Raw desert blues from Mauritania’s hottest singer.
Language: Arabic
Album: Arbina

13. Maïa Barouh – Jongala
Sophisticated electropop touches base with rural Japan.
Language: Japanese
Album: Kodama

14. Gisela João – As Rosas Não Falam
Skyrocketing fadista with a voice as powerful as it is emotional.
Language: Portuguese
Album: Nua

15. Edmar Castaneda Trio – Colombian Dixe (edit)
Knock-out jazz from harp, trombone and drum kit.
Album: Colombian Dixe

16. Bixiga 70 – 100% 13
Cosmic Afrobeat with a Brazilian point-of-view.
Album: III

17. Tulegur – Hero (WOMEX edit)
Post-rock connects Inner Mongolia with the inner city.
Language: Mongolian
Unreleased track.

18. Vassvik – Spiral Botnji
Innovative joik with strings and sonic art create Arctic soundscapes.
Language: Sami
Album: Sápmi

19. Throes + the Shine – Tá A Bater
Joining Luanda and Porto into one Afropean metropolis with kuduro and more.
Language: Portuguese
Album: Wanga

20. Acid Arab – La Hafla (feat. Sofiane Saidi)
Parisian DJ duo fusing the sounds of the Maghreb with classic techno and house sounds.
Language: Arabic
Album: Musique de France

21. El Remolón – Guerreros del Amor
Argentinian DJ practicing the fine art of digital hypnosis with mesmerising mix of Latin-electronica folkore-dub.
Language: Spanish
Album: Senderos

22. Narf & Timbila Muzumba – Mbale
eading Galician songwriter and Mozambican collective celebrating a decade of creative collaboration.
Language: Machopi
Unreleased track.

23. H.A.T. – Tak Doum Toura Tak
Moroccan-American musician films, records and remixes traditional musicians for multimedia dancefloor experience.
Language: Gnawa Bambara

24. Okra Playground – Kaunokieli
Age-old songs unapologetically renovated.
Language: Finnish
Album: Turmio

25. Pascuala Ilabaca y Fauna – Caminito Viejo
Accordion-wielding songstress and superlative band continue worldwide Chilean charm offensive.
Language: Spanish
Album: Rey Loj

26. Quinteto Bataraz – Falleando
New approaches to Argentine rural folk music from accomplished classical urban tango formation.
Album: Música Argentina

27. Trio Da Kali – Yirimadjo (feat. Harouna Samake)
Deep griot roots of the 21st century with virtuosic chemistry.
Language: Bambara
Album: Trio Da Kali EP

28. Dudu Tassa & The Kuwaitis – Ya Um al Abayah
Rocker with royal heritage sets his sights on his Iraqi Jewish origins.
Language: Arabic
Album: Al Hashawati

29. The East Pointers – Secret Victory
Exploring Canada’s transatlantic connections and Celtic roots.
Album: Secret Victory

30. New York Gypsy All Stars – Balkan Bollywood
Sounds of the Near East, the Balkans and the Big Apple mix in the melting pot.
Album: Romantech

31. Nakany Kanté – Atedja
Vibrant new voice and multi-national band delivering positive mix of Guinean roots and Pop-Malinké.
Language: Malinke
Album: Naka

32. La Negra – Parar
A new spin on the old flamenco tradition.
Language: Spanish
Album: Colores

33. DJ Satelite – Kemuntu Kó
Luandan DJ and producer making international inroads with thumping mix of Afro House and Kuduro.
Album: Muloje

34. Oligarkh – Rechka
Orthodox chants, Russian folk and historical footage meet in a dark electronica AV spectacular.
Language: Russian
Album: Anatoly

35. Xarnege – Atzo Goizean
Cross-border Gascon-Basque collaboration reuniting the traditional roots of old Vasconia.
Language: Basque & Gascon
Album: Talka Tum

36. C4 Trio – Zumbacumlaude
True mastery of the Venezuelan cuatro from three of its top exponents.
Album: Gualberto + C4

37. Xabier Diaz – Agarrado de Cervera de Pisuerga
Galician tambourine man reworks traditional village songs with eleven-woman percussion and vocal ensemble.
Language: Spanish
Album: The Tambourine Man

38. Mehdi Nassouli – Bouche3kouka
Blending the sounds of Morocco – Arabic, Gnawa and Amazigh.
Language: Arabic

39. Derek Gripper – Duga
Classical guitar wizard presents kora music in a different light.
Album: Libraries on Fire

40. Gulzoda – Eshvoy
Elegant singer and master of the classical shashmaqam.
Language: Uzbek

41. Faada Freddy – Lost
Former Daara J MC leads his a cappella gospel-soul revue.
Language: English
Album: Gospel Journey

42. United Vibrations – Grow
Afro-futurist jazz quartet play with funk and soul.
Language: English
Album: The Myth of the Golden Ratio

43. DJ Rachael – Bamulete Remix
Ugandan femme electronic celebrating 20 years of slicing global sounds with homegrown beats.

44. José Mucavele – Munghaname
Influential composer, musicological investigator and distinctive voice of Mozambican music.
Language: Changane

45. Black String – Mask Dance
New sounds for the ancient instruments of Korea.
Album: Mask Dance

46. Bella Ciao – Partigiana
The 50th anniversary of the song cycle that reinvigorated Italian folk music.
Language: Italian
Album: Bella Ciao