Eterno Combate, SonDaRúa's new album

Eterno Combate is the name chosen for the new SonDaRúa album, 12 songs of different styles that come to light under the PlayPlan umbrella, and in which they make clear their combative power of the lyrics.

The group, formed by Hugo Guezeta and Álex Arnoso as MCs and That Bass as DJ, reflects in this new work their style, which always draws on irony, musicality and the Galician popular oral tradition, but combining it with hip hop more vindictive, of social and political criticism.

It is a 12-cut LP in which we can enjoy the collaborations of Skandalo GZ, Navia Rivas and Ezetaerre. In addition, and keeping the usual line of SonDaRúa, Eterno Combate is a most eclectic album, in which a lot of musical styles have a place; from classic rap to the purest 90’s style, through ska, rock and reaching the most characteristic sounds of reggae.

article posted by:Andrés Lamosa, PlayPlan Cultural