Front Cover Ceniza


second track from her last record
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After consolidate her way as an independent artist, Sabela re opens her musical world with this personal album. A very slow paced work with the artist as the co producer of the album.

Here, Sabela explores the loss, life and death, nostalgia and hope. In her own words: "I wanted to make this record because I owed this to myself, to my father, to life and loss, protagonist on this last phase of my life. If there is any message clear on this record is that, despite the losses, the disagreements with the world and ourselves, life is always reborn. And it does that not only naturally, but when one makes the decision to do it. There is nothing more important than to be able to decide to live".

The sound of "Ceniza" is more mature. Sabela picks here the results of her exploration of the fusion between electronic music and pop, touching the fusion with jazz and hip hop with the help of Mateo Bruquetas, Diogo Piçarra and Luis del Toro, among others.