Tanxugueiras in concert
Tanxugueiras in concert
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  • country:Spain
  • region:Galicia
  • style(s):Tradimodern, World
  • label:PlayPlan, Calaverita Records
  • type:Band, Small Ensemble, Music Theatre Production, Large Ensemble
  • gender:male, female
  • artist posted by:PlayPlan Cultural

Line up

  • Aida Tarío (Voice, Tambourine)
  • Iago Pico (Electronic)
  • Olaia Maneiro (Voice, Tambourine)
  • Saela Maneiro (Voice, Tambourine)


Tanxugueiras, the (r)evolution of the galician tradition.

Sabela Maneiro, Aida Tarrío and Olaia Maneiro are Tanxugueiras, they are cantareiras (singers) for a new decade. They are able to re read the sounds of a millenary tradition merging it with modern, urban sounds closer to electronic or trap music. Their energy, their empowerment and their vocal virtuosity are the best examples of their innovative style, a new genre known as trad.

They pick up the legacy of the pandereteiras (female tambourine players), the woman who struggled to keep the galician traditional music alive. They take that and offer a new vision full of modernity, with an epic style and ancestral strength that are collecting great success on the stages of all Europe.

Hits like Midas, Figa, Averno (Feat. Rayden), Pano Corado or Terra (Gold Single), song that got to be the public favorite in the Eurovision contest in Spain, are proof fo this success. All these songs are included in their new album DILUVIO, that is still being presented live on their current and very potent show on their tour MIDAS which sums already more than 100 dates all over the Spain and Portugal.

After the success of their album “Diluvio”, that accumulates more than 60 millions streams in all digital platforms and reached number one best selling album in stores the week of its realease, surpassing names like Beyoncé or Harry Styles, Tanxugueiras outed on may 2023 their new single “Aire”, with Lowlight (C. Tangana, Isreal B, Yung Beed, Albany, and plenty other urban artist) and proving once again their ongoing exploration of new challenges and sound posibilities.

They are the sound of an internationalized people. They are the traditional culture in the dance floor. They are all the worlds condensed in one. For Tanxugueiras, there are no borders.


Since their debut album in 2018, the trio starts a career that makes them tour over more than one hun-dred stages in only three years all over the world accompanied by their tambourines. In 2019 Contra-punto arrives, a new album that increases the revolutions of the galician traditional music with the re interpretation of traditional songs and lyrics full of new vocal harmonies and arrangements.

Already in 2021 the singers Sabela Maneiro, Aida Tarrío and Olaia Maneiro leave all the prejudices behind to consolidate the identity of a band that explores with curiosity the fusion of the tradition with urban and modern sounds with the collaboration of producer Iago Pico. This mix of powerful voices and urban sounds makes them what they are today: one of the most innovative, authentic, and surprising approaches of our country. The cantareiras are proving their bet valid since 2022 with the Midas Tour, with more than 100 dates already booked.

Tanxugueiras had won so far this year the Best new alternative artist 2023 awarded by Odeon Prices, given by AGEDI (Intellectual property rights management entity in Spain, that groups the phonographic producers from the country). These prices award the most successful records from Span-ish artist in 2022 in relation with sales. They also got awarded with two MIN Awards (Independent Music Awards) as “Best Traditional Music Album” and “Best album in Galician”. Three awards that only show the good moment in which the band is found.


· Aire / Single (2023 Calaverita Records)
· DILUVIO | (2022, PlayPlan / Calaverita Records)
· Fame de odio | Single (2022, PlayPlan / Calaverita Records)
· Seghadoras | Single (2022, PlayPlan / Calaverita Records)
· Desidia | Single (2022, PlayPlan / Calaverita Records)
· Pano corado | Single (2022, PlayPlan / Calaverita Records)
· Averno | Single (2022, PlayPlan / Calaverita Records)
· Terra | Single (2021, PlayPlan / Calaverita Records)
· Figa | Single (2021, PlayPlan / Calaverita Records)
· Coda | Single (2021, PlayPlan / Calaverita Records)
· Telo | Single (2021, PlayPlan / Calaverita Records)
· Midas | Single (2021, PlayPlan / Calaverita Records)
· Contrapunto (2019, PlayPlan / Calaverita Records)
· Tanxugueiras (2018, Seispés Producións Creativas)




"Midas" - Tanxugueiras

"Diluvio" - Tanxugueiras