Polen Records

Polen is a record label based in Bogotá, dedicated to the new Colombian music, we are developing new sounds with traditional elements.

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Polen Records started in 2006 to develop and promote a new Latin-American sound. Inspired by the www development, producer Felipe Álvarez embarked in this adventure with the purpose of releasing a new electronica latam sound that has been developed by pioneers like Richard Blair from Sidestepper in the late 1990 and Pernett in the early 2000.

The catalogue originally was developed to reflect Colombia´s pluri-cultural identity. After the release of "Cumbia Galactica" by Pernett and the Caribbean Ravers came Bomba Estéreo with their debut album Vol 1. later in 2007 the celebretad “Somos Pacífico” from Chocquibtown.

Among the artist that have been part of our label we can find cult bands like Bajotierra and Sidestepper; the Jewish singer Ella Fuksbrauner; the mystic recordings of Mucho Indio, the sweet calypso of Sol Okarina, the avant-garde music of Cero 39, Mitu and their techno from the jungle and Systema Solar with its powerful caribbean electronica.

“In Polen Records we give a special place to the music that we like, that thrills us, that makes us dance. Our goal is to develop new talent and work with people we respect, understanding our work as a collaborative effort to widen its audience” Felipe Alvarez

In this new decade we have widen our perspective and started working with artist from different latitudes.



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"Rumbo a Tierra" - Systema Solar

"Mucho Indio" - Mucho Indio

"Vol. 2 Estalla" - Bomba Estéreo

"Vol. 1" - Bomba Estéreo

"Cumbia Galactica" - Pernett & the Caribbean Ravers