Group Picture of MABANG

Line up

  • Honggang Ye (Flute, Vocal, Guitar)
  • Jianghua Dao (Drum, Vocal)
  • Mingtao Wang (Plucked Strings)
  • Xubo Wang (Bass)
  • Yameng Deng (Keyboard)
  • Yuchen Fu (Saxophone)


Mabang, from Guangxi, China, plays a unique style of music based on southern Chinese dialects, blending traditional music like mountain songs, caidiao, and guiliuqiang, as well as rock, reggae, and ska. Influences of traditional music from the mountainous southwestern China are obvious in Mabang’s music.

Members of Mabang perform a variety of Chinese and Western instruments, as well as characteristic harmonies. The powerful voice of lead singer Agang, as well as the band’s strong drumbeats and sonorous suona are the highlights of Mabang. Their music takes the listener to the mysterious mountains and primitive jungles of the southwest and offers a glimpse of the ethnic culture.