Group Picture of SANDOJO

Line up

  • Adam Kielman (Saxophone, Violin, Lusheng, Vocal)
  • Chen Chen (Guitar )
  • Dave (Bass)
  • Jianghua Dao (Drum, Vocal)
  • King Kong (Lusheng, Guitar, Vocal)
  • Tianhai Zhou (Guitar, Vocal)
  • Tianyang Zhou (Percussion, DJ, Vocal)
  • Xiao You (Keyboard, Vocal)
  • Yu Zhu (Guitar, Vocal)
  • Ziyue Cen (Drum)


Sandojo, named after a genre of song and dance from southern Yunnan province, China, has brought this traditional form of Yunnan minority culture into the new century.

Influenced by reggae rhythms and the performance styles of African musicians such as Fela Kuti, Sandojo combines modern rhythms with thatĀ of traditional drums of Yunnan to form its own musical style. At the same time, Sandojo adopts the Dub form to present traditional Yunnan instruments and singing and transport people to the endless mountains of Yunnan.