Daniel Puente Encina
Sangre y Sal by Daniel Puente Encina, June 2019


The tale of a timeless loser...
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Album: Sangre y Sal
Artist: Daniel Puente Encina (Chile)
Release date: 14 June 2019
Record Label: Polvorosa | LC 33732
Format: CD (Digipack), MP3
EAN: 8437014320152
Distribution: Galileo Music (Europe)

Latin Blues 'n' Swing, Crossover Jazz, Latin Alternative, Singer/Songwriter, World & Afro Latin

11 tracks reflecting the journey of this indomitable artist, able to display even greater originality with every new album he releases. This varied and—most importantly—entertaining repertoire is inspired by the mark left by Africa on the criolla music of Peru, Argentina and (naturally) his home country, Chile. The result is an astonishing range of sounds: Afro-Peruvian rhythms with dashes of flamenco, Guaguancó (Cuban rumba), Argentinian zamba and Peruvian waltz are organically and naturally interweaved with Latin swing and boleros, whose common denominator is the exquisite, sophisticated percussion of cajón and congas, together with bass and Spanish guitars, in true explosions of leather and wood.

"...instantly seductive rhythms that stand out from anything else currently emanating from our loudspeakers... addictively hypnotic music... a wonderfully deep album that if we were forced to choose just one this year, this would undoubtedly be at the top of the list." JAZZTHETIK, 07/08-2019

"...full of sophistication and musical originality….highly elegant, varied, entertaining and beautifully performed and produced at the highest level.. Stunning sound... a rebel, and unrepentant pioneer capable of touching the innermost reaches of any heart or mind with his powerful poetry. An artist before whom we simply have no choice but to bow down. Exceptional!" SOUNDANALYSE, 06 July 2019

"A fascinating character, and a restless artist. Sangre y Sal takes us on a journey as elegant as it is hypnotising. A range of rhythms and styles as wide and diverse as the very musical geography he dares explore… songs performed with both mastery and a (wonderful) lack of scruples… A voyage across the continents, an undisguised homage from an artist ready and willing to do anything (except take the easy way out)." RUTA 66, 02 October 2019

"...one of those records that refreshes your soul... an organic mixture so natural that you immediately wonder who's responsible for it and where they've been for so long... A record like this happens only very rarely in a lifetime, but when it does you have to hold onto it forever." PLASMA MAGAZINE, 08 July 2019

"...an atmospherically dense work... hypnotic melodies and original rhythms... extraordinary and good" DARKSTARS, June 2019

"...without a shadow of a doubt, a real treat for lovers of the genre..." TERRORVERLAG WEBZINE, 12 June 2019

"Breathtaking rhythms with melancholic undertones" STADTKIND HANNOVER, June 2019