"Aco Bocina" - Aco Bocina

Aco Bocina
  • artist:Aco Bocina
  • featured artist:Fanfare Ciocarlia
  • release year:2001
  • style(s):Gypsy, Rumba
  • country:Bolivia
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Ponderosa Music & Art SRL
  • label:Ponderosa cd010


Long hair, gypsy cut, “libertine” appearance.
This is not only the description of Aco, but is
also the character of his new album’s music.
A magician who creates for his fingers a
dance on the guitar. Aco Bocina is an
extraordinary virtuoso of mandolin and guitar
coming from the balcanic region.
“Aco Bocina” is his the new album where the
tzigan rumba becomes aware of new colors,
of sounds and voices of different influences.
The Aco’s guitar is enriched with Bulgar
voices, klezmer Violins, Araibic percussions,
muezzin echos, which emphasize the curios
and passionate character with meditteranean
and Est - european vocation.
The album enjoy the collaboration with
Fanfara Ciocarlia in four episods, the
prestigious rumen brass band. Aco and the
Fanfara play with a tone contrast and an
exciting speed like in a sort of duel. A
percussionist and another guitarist, with the
participation of a bassist, one keyboarder,
clarinettist , trumpeter, tenor horn player, are
his musician travel mates with whom he loves
to create sounds for a huge musical horizon.
Aco in his lyric moments wants to reflect upon
his music and to pay a tribute to his land with
romantic and passionate ballads.
“… from Balcanic region to Greece, from
Andalusia to the Middle East, showing to be a
new Paco de Lucia, in the same way his trio
could be compare to Gipsy King…”.
Aco Bocina moves to a dance with no lands,
with no borders, to found a place where the
atmospheres are a continual succession of
emotions and discoveries.
His concerts reflect this energy and these
sensations which his charismatic personality
emphasizes in a original way.