Sumrra - 5 Journeys


Winners of the Best Jazz and Improvisational Music Award at Spain's 2014 Premios Martín Códax da Música, Sumrrá are pianist Manuel Gutierrez, bassist Xacobe Martínez Antelo, and drummer L.A.R. Legido. The most exciting trio on the Spanish jazz scene today, their performances express assured conviction and a sound filled with dynamism, lyricism, and humor. Coming together informally at first in the summer of 2000, these three superb musicians have built a solid understanding of each other's voices. That instinct combines with superb technique to inform their music with a freedom of improvisational invention. Sumrrá have had a consistent trajectory in the music scene in Spain. In addition to their many concerts throughout the Iberian Peninsula, Sumrrá have also performed to great applause internationally during tours in France, Bolivia, Bulgaria, and South Africa. In September 2015 they performed at the famed Tanjazz festival in Morocco. These musicians share a passion for improvisation and open musical form. As bassist Xacobe Martinez Antelo puts it, "The truth is that we do not take any model... Our way of working is about compositions... and that marks the development of the trio, our roles, and our sound."