Primary Music LTD

Primary Music is an Israeli independent record label, specializing in World Music, New Age, Lounge and Ambient. Primary Music is located in Tel Aviv,

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In September 2003, having quit her former label, World Music Singer 'Suzy' established Primary Music as an independent label. Her goal was to create a personal label that can promote her music according to her own artistic perception.

The Label Expands
However, what was meant-to-be a solo stage for one artist, quickly became a loadstone for many other leading 'World Music' artists. Besides Suzy, stood 'Essev Bar' (with their latest album 'Almora' produced by Primary Music), the Bayit Chadash community - Rabbi Mordechai Gafni, Gabriel Meyer and Avishai Bar Natan (with their debut 'Spirit Isreal'), Arabic Rock Band - 'Khalas', well known composer Uri Ophir (with his meditation project - 'Kwan Se Om') and Margalit Matitiahu (the poet of a new original Ladino album by Suzy - 'Aromas Y Memorias'). For a certain period the label has worked with other leading musicians; such as Israeli-French singer Orlika, Udi Ben Cnaan, Tomer Ben Ari and others. The artists of Primary Music, together represent as a wide variety of Israeli World Music network.



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