Alex Cuba

Alex Cuba. The name leaves no doubts where this fabulous artist hails from – but don’t mistake him and limit his music to only Cuban rhythms. He has freed himself from rules and norms and presents his very own style of Latin mixed with Soul-, Pop- and Rock influences. Already at an early age he fell in love with the stage and discovered his passion for music, studying guitar, bass, tres and various percussions as a teenager. His ambition and work ethic earn him cooperations with Roberto Fonseca and Javier Zalba (Buena Vista Social Club), but it was his move to Canada, more than a mere change of location for him, that took him to new musical spheres and boosted his career.
He excites on stage, with sold-out tours in the U.S., performing at SXSW (South By Southwest Festival) in Austin (Texas) and renowned music exhibition WOMEX in Sevilla (2008) where he delivered one of the most impressing showcases. During his career he has played alongside such artists as Seu Jorge (Central Park Summerstage), Feist or Cesaria Evora.