Kitty Hoff


Kitty Hoff is one of the biggest insider tips of the German chanson scene, standing out of the pack with her inventive mixture of Bossy Nova, Jazz, Pop and Swing.
Her debut album “Rauschen” was released in 2005 and immediately stirred up the feuilletons: Celebrated as music able to shake off the dust of the mainly French occupied chanson genre, by combining fresh melodies with cheeky lyrics. She received the sponsorship awards “Young Poets” (2005, Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung), “List of best German-speaking songs” (2006) and a sponsorship by the prestigious Goethe-Institut (2006).
Kitty Hoff’s brand-new album is released in april 2009 by legendary jazz-label “Blue Note Records”, making her the first female German artist signed to this record company. Her new album is typically easygoing, a mixture of glamorous pop, roaring blues, lyrical ballads and good-mood reagge-swing, as well as a charming German-French duet with the famous Chanson-star Coralie Clément (Paris).