Les Boukakes


The new generation of modern Rai is young explosive and powerful. Les Boukakes performed an excellent show at WOMEX in Newcastle 2005 and convinced with a fabulous bandleader. 2006 they rocked numerous European festivals.
This band is an excellent live act presenting Rock and Rai an amazing mixture

2004 was a year of great success. When the public first discovered Rai 'n' Rock and with that Les Boukakes, the band won many prestigious prices (FAIR; Decouvertes Printemps de Bourges;...) and were featured in the documentary "Nur die Stimme zaehlt" (engl. "the voice is all that counts") by the European TV-station ARTE.
They completed their very successful year by recording their second Album "BLEDI" which was released and introduced to the European festival audience in summer 2005. Les Boukakes shared stages with famous musicians such as Manu Chao, The Wailers, Taraf de Haidouks, Rimiti, Natasha Atlas, Rashid Taha, Ska P and Skatalites. A fantastic concert at WOMEX 2005, which convinced press and promoters alike, leveraged Les Boukakes to one of the most interesting Rai groups in the world music scene 2006. Consequently it was no surprise that in 2006 they played an extended European tour (e.g. SZIGET FESTIVAL) with additional gigs in Morocco and Qatar and in 2007 several shows in Germany and Austria (e.g. Loerrach Stimmen Festival, Vienna Salam Orient Festival, Munich Muffatwerk).
Their current album "Marra" was released in August 2008 and again accompanied by a summer tour which included performances at the Koelner Stadtgarten, the Masala Weltbeat Festival in Hannover and the Colours of Ostrava Festival. Expect them to give their fans some love next year as well, rocking stages once more.