On stage, Nadéah seems to live out her motto: “Whatever happens, make something good of it”. She has long used music and performance as a form of alternative medicine. After discovering Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin in her mother’s record collection and falling in love with rock music, she was then taken to a live show of Michelle Shocked. It was there that she decided, "That's what I want to do when I grow up". The American folk singer with punk spirit showed her the way.

She set up her first band, the LoveGods, in England with a French guitarist whom she met whilst busking in Paris. Spotted by the highly influential station Radio One, this fiercely electric act was booked to open for the likes of Nick Cave and Franz Ferdinand.

In Paris, fate came knocking at her door again: whilst working at a café she met classical conductor and composer Nicola Tescari.
After a short while, some kind souls told Marc Collin he should go and see her on stage, at the club where she was playing at the time. Won over by her voice and personality, he invited her to join Nouvelle Vague and take part in the French collective’s 3rd album.
During the Nouvelle Vague tour, she put the finishing touches to songs intended for Venus Gets Even.

Nadéah’s repertoire has evolved since The Lovegods, but she retains the unbridled energy of rock whilst cultivating a sophistication not dissimilar to the likes of Feist or Goldfrapp. She enthrals us on her more personal songs with the warm and velvety tones of her voice.

Along with her 5-star formation, she is now raring to go and set ablaze every stage she treads, and between two tracks, whether explosive or moving, she’ll reveal her outlook on life and say, with a smile: “Whatever happens, make something good of it”…