The Icelandic band Utidur is truly a phenomenon, not only in terms of their size. With eight to ten people, they clearly go beyond the framework of comparable formations and are showing that one can do already extremely sophisticated music with early twenties. With their modern chamber music cast that also includes strings, a brass group, an upright bass and an accordion, they manage an idiosyncratic mix that moves light-footed between the extremes. At first they attract the audience with sweet melodies and pending arrangements, just to blow them away with almost orchestral power.

At first there were only guitarist Gunnar, keyboardist and vocalist Kristinn Roach, who found themselves together in order to make music. The more diverse the co-written songs got, the more musicians were added until the band was finally grown into a twelve-person project. In late summer 2009 they shown their musical pearls for the first time to an enthusiastic audience and become an integral part of the clubs downtown Reykjavik.

Soon the band grown out the status as an insiders' tip and had 2010 a critically acclaimed performance at Iceland Airwaves Music Festival. It became clear that the interplay of twelve musicians on stage just creates an enormous energy that enchanted the audience and barely let go. So they were represented at the festival again in 2011, besides acts like 22Pisterpirkko or Retro Stefson, whose bassist Pedro Pilatus also did a remix of their song "Glow / Retreat".
Utidur are rooted so deeply in the most vital music scene in Iceland it is not surprising that in 2010 their debut album "This Mess We've Made" (on The Good Stuff / Record Records) was recorded at the "Sundlaugin" studio of Sigur Ros.

In summer 2011 the likeable twelve completed their first appearances out of Iceland, as they attended on invitation by the Wuerzburg "Umsonst & Draussen" Festival a mini-tour through Germany. They were to experience not only as a festival headliner, but also delighted the speechless audience at Knust in Hamburg, at Feierwerk in Munich and Object 5 in Halle (Saale). With this they are more motivated going strong in 2012 to exceed this initial success.