The Black Mamba

  • country:Portugal
  • region:Lisboa
  • style(s):Funk, Soul
  • label:Farol Musica
  • type:Band, Trio, Quartet
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:visual, rock band, guitar
  • artist posted by:Primeira Linha

Line up

  • Ciro Cruz (Bass)
  • Marco Pombinho (Keyboards, Fender Rhodes, Hammond)
  • Miguel Casais (Drums)
  • Pedro Tatanka (Fender Guitars, Voice)


For international tours The Black Mamba are available to travel with a minimum formation of quartet (vocal - guitars, bass, drums and keyboards). They are open to perform in sextet with two local brass players (saxophone and trumpet) or bring the whole octect which adds two back singers.

The next tour is being prepared to present the new album "Dirty Little Brother", released in September 2014 from which the first videos "Wonder Why" counts already with 185 000 visualizations on youtube.

It's a very charismatic, smashing band that surprises playing live and has great results even when playing for audiences that are hearing them for the first time.


May of 2010 goes down in history by the joining of Peter Tatanka , Ciro Cruz and Miguel Casais as a band ."The Black Mamba", a name that baptizes the trio and the debut album, was the inspiration found so that together they could taste their own poison. The chemistry and experience of these great musicians, recognized ambassadors ok well-known projects in their countries of origin, Portugal (Aurea, Richie Campbell) and Brazil (Ed Motta, Gabriel O Pensador, Banda Black Rio), allowed them to travel the universe of blues, soul and funk, in an adaptation to their natural habitat.

The hibernation period devoted to rehearsing, writing, recording and producing their first work takes exactly two years until the snake builds its identity. May 2012 officially marks the presentation of "The Black Mamba" with an advance single absolutely lethal, "It Ain't You". The Portuguese public was unanimous and immediate in recognizing and supporting this work: 1st place in iTunes sales, first edition sold out in record stores, radio airplay, and presence at various venues and festivals throughout the country, highlights that in Portugal represent a victory in itself.

The truth is that in record time they find their place and instinctively go for internationalization. In just over a year they go on their debut tour, playing in London, Philadelphia, Luanda, Madrid, Seville, and ending 2013 on a high note in a concert in Brazil. The crowds at the 13th Rock In Rio (Rio de Janeiro) and the Bourbon Street Music Club (São Paulo) are witnesses that in line with the media, "The Black Mamba" project is received with open arms.

2014 kicks off in the studio with the aim of completing the second studio album, produced in Lisbon, their hometown , and New York, more specifically in "The Lab Studio" in Brooklyn, under guidance of sound engineer Scott Anderson. Meanwhile, "I'll meet you there", the third single from their first work, is revealed as one of the biggest tunes in Portuguese radios, which together with "It Ain't You", ends 2013 on iTunes Top 100 in the country, in 72nd and 73rd positions.

Following the band´s biggest tour, The Black Mamba released in September 2014 their 2nd album, "Dirty Little Brother" counting with special guests such as Antonio Zambujo, Silk, Orlanda Guilande amongst others. The first single "Wonder Why" already with 180 00 visualizations is reaching a worldwide audience. An international tour is being prepared.