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BOOKING CRUCETA FLAMENCO. Among the most renowned music agencies in Spain, Producciones Lastra is proud to present and promote music since 1978

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Producciones Lastra has vast experience in organizing music events, with a wide variety of genres including tango, folk, opera, classical and world music. Producciones Lastra has been organizing successful large and small scale events for both individuals and companies worldwide.

During the last 3 decades Producciones Lastra has worked in collaboration with some of the most important festivals and venues, organizing more than 6000 concerts and promotions that guarantees us as one of the most stable agencies in Spain. Many prestigious cultural organizations have confided in our expertise, ranging from “Teatro Albéniz” in Madrid or “Palau de la Música” in Barcelona to “Suntory Hall” in Tokio and “Carnegie Hall” in New York.

Accentuating the requirement for creative and original programming at various stages, our work also encompasses a commitment to a wide range of music from contemporary to world music.

With an emphasize on creating projects that combine our artists, orchestras and groups with the leading festivals and concert presenters around the world, Producciones Lastra has achieved notable success in the creation of events that have a strong artistic vision coupled to conceptual reality. We also work with other major international figures from the music world who realize the benefit of our approach to project creation and development.

Promotions are equally important to us as they provide us with another important view of the concert world. Taking the risk to present our own concerts is a key part of our philosophy going back to the beginning of our existence. Presenting artists and groups in Spain and abroad affords us the most direct opportunity to positively influence our clients' work and to create events in-house that are successful for both the artists and public alike.


La Noche Escondida de Electrolé (The hidden night) born of necessity and concern the multifaceted creative producer, choreographer and dancer Mariano Cruceta.

This is a project that aims to become an artistic platform from which to generate a new trend of flamenco expression language; without losing the nature and tradition of each “palo”, based on the latest trends in electronic music.

A creative process developed over low heat; specialized artists from different musical styles, working in freedom, without prejudices, have been built and have joined their talents to form a fresh, new, homogeneous sound.


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