Gankino Circus

Gankino Circus
Gankino Circus (c) Stephan Minx
Gankino Circus (c) Manuel Kraus


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Line up

  • Johannes Sens (vocals, drums, trumpet)
  • Maximilian Eder (vocals, accordion, percussion, bonophon)
  • Ralf Wieland (vocals, guitars)
  • Simon Schorndanner (vocals, clarinets, saxofon)


a slightly mad worldmusic show

Gankino Circus present a mind-boggling, unparalleled stage show that is truly unique. Its main ingredients are whimsical comedy, gripping tragedy and a lot of energy.

These four musicians have created a musical style that is at the same time virtuosic and melancholic, avant-garde and radically non-conformist. Through their performace, they express their love for the music of known and unknown forefathers from around the globe. Gankino Circus have played countless shows on stages across 12 different countries. At the Expo in Milan they were even chosen to represent German musical culture.

"...Anarchisch, verrückt und brilliant..."
"...anarchic, mad and brilliant...)
(Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich 2016)

"...virtuose musiker, charakterköpfe und welteneroberer..."
"...masterly musicians, real freaks and pioneers..."
(Welt am Sonntag, Berlin 2018)