"Nomade" - Beatriz Aguiar

Beatriz Aguiar
photo: Pedro Rueda
photo: Hans Speekenbrink


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“…songs and legends, from the Mediterranean to Latin America…”
This new production of Beatriz Aguiar encompasses her musical influences ranging from Latin America and Spain to the lands of southern Italy, Sicily, and Sardinia. As well, it embodies the fascinating journey of the Eastern European and Arab music brought by the gypsies, the early music of the African slaves, and that of emigrants. In using her own compositions, as well as some from celebrated composers such as the poet Antonio Mura Ena and Luigi Marielli from Sardegna, Beatriz has fused an engaging mix of styles and genres where passion, myths, and legends are a point of encounter.
Special guests, Filippo Gambetta-Genova, Ramon Valle-Cuba,
Leonardo Amuedo-Uruguay-Brazil.
“..beautiful voice and fantastic compositions...” ZingMagazine,NL

"..fascinating singer and composer. Interpreter with a fantastic vocal timbre and intense expression, capable of moving between a soft and refined jazz, to the songs that represent her deepest Latin American roots..." Gigi Razete, La Repubblica, Italy.