Peru Country Brand debuts at WOMEX 2012.

Visit our booth 5.70-5.71-5.72.

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The Peru Country Brand is an instrument whose objective is to help distinguish ourselves from other countries, both of the region and around the world, boosting the promotion of tourism, international trade and investment.

One of our main objectives is to promote and establish the Peru Brand in international events. In this context, we have identified an opportunity in promoting Peru's image through its music industry and as part of a strategy we have sought to associate it with well-established international events that provide a great opportunity for us to present our products and artists, while at the same time, engage foreign investors and important representatives of the industry.

Thus, we have developed the Music Peru brand, which we believe will contribute to introduce and promote our music industry at an international level, and also strengthening and establishing Peru as attractive market for investment. In addition, we are certain that it will serve to give the Peru Brand great media exposure in the national and international markets.

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Peru: The Country, its Music