Širom (Slovenia)

Širom (Slovenia)


Širom (Slovenia)
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Line up

  • Ana Kravanja (violin, viola, ribab, qeychak, cünbüs, balafon)
  • Iztok Koren (banjo, chimes, balafon, gamelan, bas drum)
  • Samo Kutin (ikitelia, hurdy gurdy, tampura brač, lyre, ukulele)


Showcase Times:
Wednesday 21 October 18:30 CEST
Wednesday 21 October 21:00 CEST

Imaginary, post-traditional folk music from nowhere and everywhere. Širom ever-unfolding, subtly morphing sound tapestries are created by a trio of classically trained musicians from different regions of Slovenia who, between them, expertly utilise more than a dozen instruments. Violins, rebab, balafon, kalimba, bendirs, mandolins and more meet in shifting juxtapositions throughout their often lengthy, meticulously planned compositions, played live without overdubs. Their guiding principle is to invite the intertwining of diverse musical approaches and allow imagination and craftsmanship to manifest a new universal mystical minimalism. The surreal imagery of their titles -
A Washed Out Boy Taking Fossils From A Frog Shack, or Low probability of a hug – is reflected in the videos accompanying their Glitterbeat album release, A Universe that Roasts Blossoms for a Horse. Dreamlike, compelling. Familiar sounds you've never heard before.

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