Kizaba, Kizavibe

KIZABA, ambassador of Afro Congolese electro music, is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He offers a musically rich Congo. A Congo reminiscent of a futuristic Afro journey "Fumu na betu" for which he creates vocals inspired by his ancestors and mixes sounds of soukous-Congolese, Afrobeat and Pop rock.

​By mixing electronic music and traditional sounds from the Congo, he created an Afro-Futurist world. He uses visuals of 3D masks inspired by traditional masks from the Congo imagined in the future. With its fascinating and electrifying Afro-electro Congolese electronic music, his lyrics in French, Lingala and Kikongo with some vocal melodies in English, KIZABA offers a dancing and unifying show for the general public. KIZABA offers a unifying show that will move the crowd!