Brown Rice Family (World Roots Music)mix of Reggae, Latin, Brazilian, Haiti

OKAI Lead singer/Percussion
Yuichi /Band Leader/Percussion
Isaiah /The Sax Man
Soils/S,Africa on The Clarinet
KAZ the Cat on the Guitar
Prince Amu/Lagos Nigeria on The Base
Sticky Rice / Lead Vocal & Dancer


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These are just preview samples. You need a valid account and be logged in to watch the full clips.

Brown Rice Family is today's freshest world roots band jamming towards global solidarity and organic happiness.

Guided by a strong belief in the natural flow of things, BRF provides the masses with a distinctively organic World Roots Music, which encompasses:
Reggae, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Afro beat, Jazz styling, Rock, Brazilian, Latin, and Funk.

The is presently comprised of eight members hailing from all over the world---

Japan, Jamaica, Haiti, Nigeria, South Africa and USA.

The members' diverse national backgrounds set the stage for their unique coexistence, their musical creativity and dance along with the Brooklyn,NY sound and flow .

The BRF sound is in the truest sense of the words, World Roots Music with a Brooklyn twist. Their colorful sound waves will carry rhythm surfers on a musical journey that straddles ancient and contemporary global sounds.

Brown Rice Family firmly believes in self and environmental improvement, as such, they implement that lifestyle into their workshops and into their performances; and so the collective is perpetually seeking out healthier ways of living, grooving, and eating. In addition, their workshop through Carnegie Hall working with and mentoring incarcerated youth also brings about their goal of self-improvement by also doing the same for others, spreading the love the Brooklyn way.

BRF took Japan by storm during their summer 2014, 2015 and 2016 tour, wowing the various crowds who came to watch them during their live performances in Tokyo and Osaka.

"BRF is bridging cultures together while creating a fun atmosphere within improvisation. Amazing...," wrote Vogue Japan.

"Bottom Line: I don’t like labeling music as “World” music, but “Havana To Kingston” truly is a global experience. This is an album that just makes you feel good…with an island vibe."
wrote Creature of War.

Please review the link below which includes the band's One Sheet with both downloadable albums ,live videos, audio, venues, and press.

article posted by:Chriss Rimpel, RAD Muzik NOW